Developers for Hire

When one decides to extend one’s business team with extra developers on an outsourcing basis, that usually takes a few months to find appropriate professionals.

Searching for each of them separately on the Web sources takes a huge lot of effort and time. More to the point, a final result is not usually worth the effort invested.

On the contrary, JavaScript Ua has a broad selection of gifted IT professionals. Here, you will definitely find all the staff you need quickly and for an affordable and transparent fee.


Get the best IT experts for your firm. Choose our E-Commerce development services, and we will relieve you from all the nerves about the latest tech challenges and demands. We will take care of that for you.

Be sure our team pays sufficient attention to self-education and professional enhancement — so, we will keep on searching for and implementing new methods and tools for boosting your software and strengthening your leading position in your sphere.

  • E-commerce
  • E-Learning
  • Real estate
Website Development and Design

This service implies building customized web apps meeting your specific requests. Our company is a global leader in terms of the speed and affordability of web app development.

We will supply you with a website and/or a web app, which will expressively convey the distinguishing features of your brand.

Turn to us, and we will provide you with an interactive, dynamic, SEO efficient, and attractive looking landing page or website at an affordable cost.

When building our software, we are concentrated on novel features, functionality, and our clients’ satisfaction.

Outsourced human resources
and IT services
Custom JavaScript Application
Custom JavaScript Application
Outsourced human resources
and IT services
Custom JavaScript Application
Custom JavaScript Application
IT Outsourcing Services and Application Development

The team of JavaScript Ua is well aware of the fact that today’s mobile apps must meet demands of potential customers and perfectly fit into the specific niche of the market. Thus, they should be both easy to use and seamlessly operable.

Our team makes use of the most efficient and innovative instruments and methods to meet the highest standards in terms of coding and delivers apps, which will fully meet users’ preferences and market trends.

At our company, each mobile app developer is scrupulous to details and dedicates much time to upscaling and extending his expertise in diversified aspects of his profession.

Developers working for JavaScript Ua stand out from our competitors due to their top-class knowledge, profound skills, and extreme enthusiasm.


We are always happy to collaborate with businesses that strive to introduce an innovative and valuable product — something special — to their audience.

We can integrate the distribution system right into your website so that your clients do not have to go anywhere to make a purchase.

Data Migration Services

Transmitting data from a conventional physical server to a cloud is a perfect solution for those who want to free up some space on their premises and optimize digital processes within their firms.

Afterward, you will be able to access your data at any moment in any place around the globe where there is access to the Internet. Our agency can help you with transporting data from a server to a cloud and, certainly, from one cloud to another.


We work with the following services:

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon
  • Oracle
  • Azure.

We will cope with your data migration within a minimal time, hence, the compelled technical break will also be minimal.


Desktop Development

Do you want to obtain an application, which will be compatible with all platforms and JS frameworks and will be easy to scale? Then, we recommend you opt for Electron. Its key benefit is that it allows creating desktop software based on such popular and commonly utilized web instruments as JS, CSS, and HTML, which will work smoothly on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Certainly, you are welcome to turn to us for such a project. Electron JS is our zest.

Our developers are constantly familiarizing ourselves with new skills and aspects of its utilization, as well as exchanging valuable knowledge with each other. Furthermore, we actively participate in the development of this tool by making financial contributions every month.

Dedicated Team

In case you have started (or just plan) working on your own software but have found out that your IT department lacks experience or knowledge of the tech involved, rely on us to complement your staff with our professionals — we will find experts suiting your specific needs.

If you want your project to bring the best results, it is critical to reach appropriate integration within your team and make sure every member possesses the knowledge and skills required.

If you decide to try finding IT talents needed on your own, mind that this process will probably take a few months, especially if your project is pretty complex. Instead, you can invest all those time and effort into other aspects within your competence and obtain much more profit for your business. We will cope with that HR search within a couple of weeks.

Quality Assurance

It is a critical and indispensable stage of any software development cycle delivered by our agency. Nevertheless, if you already have a virtually ready piece of software, e.g. a website, a mobile app, or a computer program, but need qualified assistance with testing it for bugs and errors, we will cover that.

At JavaScript Ua, we offer 7-stage quality assurance testing so that you can be absolutely confident that, when introduced to the public, your product will perform smoothly and seamlessly in any conditions and under any load.

To be honest, such testing is an extremely painstaking and scrupulous procedure, however, we are keen on searching for mistakes and roughnesses so that our customers are 100% satisfied with their software. In many cases, QA is the most essential stage of the development cycle, and we are going to show that to you.

Support & Maintenance

Yet, even when your software is absolutely ready to be provided to your clients, that does not mean that you can sigh with relief and let it run on its own.

If you want it to operate perfectly, be competitive with other products offered by the market and surpass them, you must keep an eye on it by updating and polishing it when needed.

Luckily, you can leave all that bother to us, we will cover that with due diligence and accuracy.

Cloud-Based Services

Today, most apps, websites, digital services and other software operate on the base of clouds. Such web storage spaces allow optimizing processing and storing and minimizing the use of the corresponding resources. Such a solution suits both huge corporations and individual entrepreneurs. Cloud space is a must for any processing system today.

How does it differ from a conventional computer system?

It saves money as you do not make any payments until you complete utilizing the resources.

Our agency will supply you with ready-to-use cloud storage, which will fully meet your personalized demands.

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